About Park ‘n Fly

At Park ‘N Fly, we offer more than just parking™ with our great service and convenience. We pick you up at your car in 5 minutes or less and drop you off right at your terminal. It’s a lot more for a lot less, with no walking and no hassle. In addition, many of our lots offer special services like car washes, oil changes, pet boarding and much more.

15 Park ‘N Fly owned and operated locations in the United States

5 active online parking reservation websites – to allow customers to book parking anywhere in the United States as well as over 900 locations internationally

Over 80  affiliate partner parking locations in the U.S.

Park ‘N Fly services

Online reservations

Hand car wash & auto detailing

Jiffy Lube® car services

Luxury pet boarding

Electric car charging

Valet parking

Covered parking

Bag check

Flight check-in kiosks

Frequent Parker Program

Customer service