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Park 'N Fly


Park ’N Fly provides convenient airport parking and other parking related services. Park ’N Fly owns, leases, and manages 16 off-airport parking properties in 14 markets, in addition to operating a network for pre-booked parking for 86 affiliates in the USA.

  • US$ 84 milliontotal revenue in 2014
  • 1,707,969exits in 2014
  • 594,409 web bookings in 2014

16 facilities, 14 markets

Park 'N Fly operates 16 facilities in 14 markets in the United States. A total of 27,131 parking spaces in: Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Ft. Lauderdale, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, Oakland, Ontario, San Diego and San Francisco.

Additionally, Park 'N Fly offers a network of off-airport parking services at over 86 affiliate locations through its internet-based reservation system, the Park 'N Fly Network.

Highest sales in 48 years

In 2014 Park ’N Fly reported the highest sales in the company’s 48 year history. Park ’N Fly closed 2014 with US$ 84 million in total sales, employing 859 people around the country.

Year sales
2005 67.5
2006 76.3
2007 77
2008 67.2
2009 67.5
2010 73.2
2011 76.6
2012 80.0
2013 80.0
2014 84.0

A broad range of services

Along with airport parking, Park ’N Fly offers online reservations, hand car wash & auto detailing, Jiffy Lube ®car services, luxury pet boarding with Pet Paradise Resorts®, electric car charging stations powered by eVgo®, valet parking, covered parking, bag check, kiosks for flight check-in, an industry-leading loyalty Frequent Parker Program, and award-winning customer service.

Every 3 to 5 minutes

Park 'N Fly was founded in 1967 as the first off-airport parking company specifically geared toward the business traveler. Through the years, Park 'N Fly customers enjoyed luggage assistance, being picked up and dropped off at their car, and a continuous shuttle service every 3 to 5 minutes.

Nowadays, Park 'N Fly also utilizes a multi-channel approach to drive new customer sales using search, social media, traditional advertising, e-mail, direct mail, and by approaching corporate customers, including parking as an option in corporate booking tools.


  • February 2014: Park ‘N Fly launches the new and improved Frequent Parker Program.
  • October 2014: Park ‘N Fly opens the newly expanded San Francisco lot which now operates as a full valet parking operation.
  • December 2014: Park ‘N Fly opens a new luxury indoor, valet parking operation in Nashville, Tennessee, along with 2 new facilities in San Diego.
  • Park ’N Fly celebrates 25 years of BCD Group as a parent company.
  • November 2013: Park ’N Fly starts constructions on a second facility in San Francisco. This flagship facility will offer valet and self parking, along with electric car charging stations.
  • Park ’N Fly is recognized as the winner of the “Best Experience” Category award of the 2012 Atlanta World Class Customer Service awards.
  • June 2012: Park 'N Fly opens its 18th parking facility in Miami, Florida. This location offers luxury indoor full service valet parking, dry cleaning and flight check-in.
  • 2012 was an excellent year: Park ‘N Fly generates the highest revenue and the highest reservation usage in its history.
  • Park ’N Fly keeps on expanding: 2 new off-airport parking facilities in Jacksonville and Baltimore.
  • Park ‘N Fly is recognized by TRX as “Alliance Partner of the Year” at the TRX World 2011 Global User Conference.

Park ‘N Fly launches online booking engine:


Park 'N Fly opens a parking facility in Dallas, Texas.


BCD Group acquires Park 'N Fly that operates off-airport parking with 10 locations near major airports in the USA.


Park ‘N Fly is founded as the first off-site airport parking company specifically geared toward the business traveler.