Park ‘N Fly and GGA announce partnership

Airport parking now available through GDS

Atlanta, Park 'N Fly, a nationwide off-airport parking provider, today announced they have partnered with Global Ground Automation (GGA) to provide corporate travel agents with access to airport parking reservations through the global distribution systems (GDS).

Park 'N Fly’s online reservation system, branded the Park 'N Fly Network, services more than 60 markets nationwide.

“This partnership marks the first time that airport parking has been integrated into the booking process for corporate travel agents via the GDS”, commented Brett Bodenan, who manages the Park 'N Fly Network. “We believe providing travel agents access to reserve airport parking in advance will be a significant convenience for their travelers”, he continued.

With the integration of the Park 'N Fly Network, airport parking becomes another travel component for which corporate travel managers can establish a national policy. In today’s environment, examining all travel-related costs and the impact on a corporation’s bottom-line is an important business strategy”, said Gregg Tuccillo, President and CEO of Global Ground Automation.

“Implementing airport parking into a company’s overall travel management plan is another way in which corporations are able to manage their travel budgets. By reserving parking in advance through the Park 'N Fly Network and having that reservation incorporated into the traveler’s itinerary, corporate travel agents are able to provide the convenience of guaranteed airport parking at a considerable cost savings”, added Tuccillo.

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Global Ground Automation (GGA) uses vendor-neutral technology to deliver a one-stop, online, real-time, industry-wide reservation and confirmation system for the car, limousine and the airport parking service industry, coupled with advanced back office reservation, dispatch and accounting systems. It brings efficiencies, cost savings and reporting to corporate customers and ground transportation providers.


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